About us

The organization “Young Living Inkas” are a community of families of the villages Huilloc, Rumira-Sondormayo, Patacancha and Challwaccocha. The organization was founded in 2008 in favor of working together to improve our opportunities in life and to reach our “buen vivir”, “allin kawsay, Sumaq kawsay”. We offer products and share our culture and experience to our visitors.

Buen vivir

The “buen vivir” origins in the andean and amazonic cosmovision. It is present in many indigenous and origin cultures. The “Sumay Kawsay” means a fabolous live in dignity and in an equilibrium with nature. For the satisfaction of the human existence and the divine which is present in every space and time.

It’s seeking for empowerment and cultural affirmation which gives a value to local knowledge. This includes traditional medicine and health trough the use of local plants, healthy food and harmony with nature and society.