Agenda Lunar 2018

“Vivir con la Madre Luna”

The agenda 2018 contains astronomic calculations for Peru. New moon, quarter moon, full moon and eclipses of the moon and the sun.

  • nature rythm for organic agriculture
  • contacts for eco-tourism and health-tourism in Ollantaytambo
  • best days for pregnancies to conceive male or female children
  • best days for health and for surgical interventions
  • best days to cut your hair and for epilation
  • 365 quechua names for baptism of children
  • days of memory of heros of quechua history
  • extracts of testimonials of Huamán Poma de Ayala

IMPORTANT: All texts only available in spanish language.

Can be bought here:

  • Oficina Inkas Vivientes, 273 Calle Convención, Ollantaytambo
  • Hostel Mama Simona en Calle Ceniza 364, Cuzco

Price: 20 Soles